CNC Punching

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CNC punching(stamping) is a forming process that uses a punch press to force a tool, called a punch, through the workpiece to create a hole via shearing. Punching is applicable to a wide variety of materials that come in sheet form, including sheet metal, vulcanized fibre and some forms of plastic sheet.

Example Project
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High productivity in punching(stamping). Punching relies on die and punching equipment to complete the machining. The number of strokes of ordinary presses can reach dozens of times per minute. The high-speed presses can reach hundreds or even thousands of times per minute, and each punching stroke may get one stamping part.

Due to the mold, the size and shape accuracy of the stamping part are guaranteed, and the surface quality of the stamping part is generally not damaged.

Punching can process parts with large size and complex shapes, such as stopwatches, car longitudinal beams, covering parts, etc. And the cold deformation hardening effect of materials during stamping, the strength and rigidity of stamping are higher.

The cost of punching is lower.


Due to the many unique advantages of punching, stamping is used in a wide range of applications in various fields. Most of the steel sheet are stamped into finished products. There are stamping machining in aerospace, aviation, military industry, machinery, agricultural machinery, electronics, information, railways, post and telecommunications, transportation, chemicals, medical equipment, household electrical appliances and light industry.

Materials Capabilities

Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Steel, Carbon steel, Steel Alloy and Brass, etc.

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